Ian Wilson,  Owner and Founder

Ian Wilson,  Owner and Founder

Ian Wilson was born and raised right here in Portland, OR.  From his deep fascination with the natural world, and an equal love for large scale projects in the kitchen, he developed an intuition and passion for growing food. He has spent much of his life building a wealth of this experience.  After working on farms, gardens, and orchards in Vermont, Oregon, Hawaii, and Argentina, he attended the acclaimed Organic Farm and Garden Apprenticeship Program at UC Santa Cruz, where he received an Advanced Certificate in Ecological Horticulture.

Following a long time calling for home, Ian returned to Portland and spent two years managing Portland’s 47th Avenue Farm, one of our city’s first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms. During this time he oversaw production of 18 acres of organic vegetables, growing food for over 200 Portland area families.  

Ian launched Portland Edible Gardens in 2013 after talking to one too many people who wanted to grow their own food but didn’t know what to do about it.





Joe Culhane, Garden Installation Coordinator

Joe Culhane hails from the Twin Cities of Minnesota and has been proud to call Portland home for the past 9 years.  He has fond memories of gardening with his parents when he was just a wee tot and has not strayed far from the dirt ever since.  It is safe to say Joe has a long and loving relationship with farming and gardening. 

Over the past decade Joe has worked on organic farms in both Hawai'i and Oregon and has tended many a garden in that time as well.  Studying herbal medicine and wild crafting have also been a passion and part of his decade's journey as well.  Joe's a family man and a proud father of two kids born in Portland, which has given him even deeper roots here in the Pacific Northwest.  He's also enrolled back in school and is working towards a Renewable Energy Electrical Engineering degree.  While he's back in school full time, he's pleased as punch to be working alongside Ian as a part of Portland Edible Gardens.