Workshops At The PEG Demonstration Garden

Free educational workshops throughout the year

In 2021, in partnership with one of our residential garden clients we launched the Portland Edible Gardens Demonstration Garden  (4628 N. Willis Blvd.).  The Demo Garden is a publicly accessible space where anyone can go to experience a beautiful and productive organic vegetable garden and see the work that PEG does designing, building, and maintaining organic vegetable gardens.  

This garden will center on a full series of educational workshops throughout the year where we will provide instruction in organic horticulture methods with the goal of teaching more Portlanders how to grow their own food at home!  

The Portland Edible Gardens Demonstration Garden at 4628 N. Willis Blvd.

All workshops at the PEG Demonstration Garden will be provided on a sliding scale, and the proceeds from every workshop will be donated to local organizations dedicated to addressing food insecurity, food justice, and home garden education.

We will look forward to seeing you at the DEMO Garden soon!

2024 Demo Garden Workshop Dates

  • 3/16 Preparing + Planting Your Spring Veggie Garden
  • 4/13 Growing Vegetables from Seeds
  • 5/11 Planting your Summer Garden
  • 6/8 Maintaining Summer Vegetables and Tomato Pruning
  • 7/13 Planting for Continued Harvest
  • 8/10 Growing Fall + Winter Vegetables
  • 9/7 Planting Greens for a Fall Harvest
  • 10/5 Garden Winterization, Mulch + Garlic Planting
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Who We Are

Our amazing team

Ian Wilson

Owner and Founder

Born and raised in Portland, Ian worked on and managed organic farms in Vermont, Argentina, Hawaii, and California before coming home to roost.  He received an Advanced Certificate in Ecological Horticulture at UC Santa Cruz in 2010 before managing 18 acres of organic vegetables at 47th Avenue Farm, one of Portland’s oldest CSA farms, growing food for over 200 Portland area families.  He started Portland Edible Gardens in 2013, and has never looked back.

Pritha Golden Steele

Home Gardens Leader

Pritha’s passion for working with fresh produce began when she started working at farmers markets in high school here in the Portland area.  For over a decade she has worked at production farms, educational farms and non-profit organizations that work to provide nutritious food to local communities. She previously managed the veggie production for an edible landscaping company in Santa Cruz, CA (Orchard Keepers) and is excited to share her knowledge and enthusiasm in her home community.

Alex Pedrick

Installation Leader

Alex grew up in forested and bucolic Chester County, Pa. He took interest in it’s plants, trees, and natural bounty from the beginning, befriending farmers and gardeners who shared his interest.  Since working on farms in PA, and a cross country bike trip that landed him in Oregon, he has volunteered with various farmer friends for camaraderie and delicious produce.  When he's not building gardens, you'll find him playing guitar, riding his bike, exploring the woods, or cooking a meal with friends.

Annie Scott

Installation Team

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Annie moved from Washington to Oregon at 13.  Annie has a love for all things outdoors. She has traveled the world with a background in merchant sailing and spends her free time exploring new places or volunteering on farms overseas.  She is passionate about ecology, permaculture, and learning as much as she can to further a career in environmentally beneficial work.

Michael Dubuois

Home Garden Mentor

Originally from Maine, where he earned a B.A. in Sustainable Agriculture, Michael has worked his way across the country, farming as he goes. He has worked with plants on a number of unique levels; from mixed vegetable farms, to microgreen operations, and even potato breeding. He has a wealth of knowledge and is excited to share it with the growers of Portland. Find him camping in the woods when he isn’t working in your garden.

Beau LeMieux

Installation Team

Beau spent his childhood exploring the Rocky Mountains in his home state of Colorado where he developed a deep appreciation of the natural world. With a background in natural history museums, botanic gardens, and farms, Beau has built a life around his reverence for the beauty and bounty of nature. In his work at PEG, Beau brings this reverence and intention into every edible landscape he creates. He spends his free time cooking the food that he grows, rock climbing, and photographing the things he sees along the way