Portland Edible Gardens 2017 Fall Photo Journal

Hello Friends,

The blistering heat of Summer feels far away now.  It's hard to believe it was just a few months ago that we were harvesting tomatoes to our heart's content from our vegetable gardens!  As is our custom, we wanted to take a moment to look back on the year and remember some of the highlights of the work we do helping people grow organic food. 

And of course if you feel inspired by these images and want help growing your own organic food at home, Contact Us and let us help you grow the edible garden that you have been dreaming about!

Some of our favorite tomato varieties: Stupice, Sungold, Green Zebra, Brandywine, and Anna Russian

A sea of salad greens

Our Garden Installation Leader, the indomitable Matthew Grafton



...Carrot lovers

A first time vegetable gardener with his Fall vegetable harvest

Carrot's sprouting in the morning sun

Planting lettuce with another first time vegetable gardener

Harvest 4

Dwarf cherry trees, and a bench for their enjoyment


Converting Lawn to Food!

North Plains Homestead Garden

The Goat Blocks Apartment Residential Edible Garden

Goat Blocks Residential Edible Garden
Goat Blocks Kale and Collard Greens

East Portland Private Backyard Vegetable Garden

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