What our clients say about Portland Edible Gardens:

'Portland Edible Gardens provides a fantastic service and is very accommodating to individual needs. For us, they built raised beds and upgraded the ones we had, filled them with incredible soil, and then drew up lovely plans (laminated--so practical!). We are newbies when it comes to growing food crops, so we had monthly "lessons" with Ian where he helped us plant seeds & starts, understand what to look for in terms of growth, insects, ripeness, and so on. As a result, we ended up with a vegetable jungle! It's so fun to go "shopping" in your backyard and to play with the foods. And to try and keep up with the bounty!  :)  Ian is also a super-nice guy. We look forward to working with him again next year.'

- Marian G.

'For years we have wanted to include fruits and vegetables in our garden but couldn't figure out the right way to do it.

The decision to hire PEG to consult and build raised beds has brought abundant bounty and unforeseen pleasure.
The craftsmanship of the beds is impressive.  Ian's base of knowledge in making the planting plan inspired my husband to sign up for the mentorship program PEG offers.  Two seasons under his belt and my husband couldn't be prouder of his thriving vegetables. Our dinners are fresh, so fun to glean - and rewarding.

I thank Portland Edible Gardens for our favorite and most elegant corner of the garden (mole proof and with crushed gravel surrounding the beds!) and wonder why it took so long to make the decision to grow our own food. ...

Now I find myself looking at the flowers and wondering - do we really need them when Ian could build us another couple of productive and beautiful raised beds?  ...and then there might be fruit trees... and more berries ..

We might just need another consultation.'

- Barbara S.

‘Ian's a great guy who does fantastic work. He built a beautiful, large raised bed in my backyard that's generating tons of healthy greens for me this summer. He installed an automated irrigation system that is awesome because I don't have to worry about forgetting to water them.

He also does cool work mentoring you to learn how to most effectively grow things in your particular environment, and he built a plan for how to rotate crops throughout the year. He's spent years studying farming and has managed farms all over the world...truly a wealth of information.

Ian loves what he does and just flat out cares. If you're serious about growing your own delicious food and reducing your environmental footprint, give him a call.’

- Cameron M.

‘I would highly recommend Ian from Portland Edible Gardens! I knew I wanted a big garden, but had limited experience gardening and felt as though my gardens never flourished. So I found Portland Edible Gardens online and contacted Ian to setup a consultation. He proved to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He helped scope out the best area of our yard to setup our garden beds and worked with me through each season to grow a bounty of vegetables! We started planting in early March according to the planting guide Ian custom created for me, and we just winterized my garden, but I still have veggies that will grow through next year! My husband and I were amazed at how easy and manageable our home garden was. I feel like I learned so much from Ian at Portland Edible Gardens and am looking forward to planting my garden next year using Ian's easy to follow planting guide.’

- Courtney D.

'Ian Wilson and his team are first class.  We had a challenging small yard and wanted a seriously long bed (over 30 feet).  The bed is exactly what we hoped for and the workmanship is superb.  Additionally he procured and planted six very specific fruit trees and planted a small grape arbor.  We are so excited to have this amazing garden in urban Portland. Can't say enough about Ian's professionalism, timeliness and communication.  We hold him in very high regard!'

- Sigrid B.

‘When my husband and I bought our first house after years of apartment living, it happened to come with a teeny, tiny front yard that nevertheless had sprouted enough weeds and vines to make getting to the front door feel like a safari adventure. We had neither the know-how nor the tools to tackle it ourselves, and thankfully stumbled on Portland Edible Gardens. Ian transformed our little patch of tangles into a small but super productive set of graden beds. It was reasonably priced, done on time, and we got to spend our daughters first summer introducing her to organic, home-grown vegetables and berries! Highly recommend’

- Kristen L.

‘When I first called Ian of Portland Edible Gardens, I was reading the iconic How to Grow More Vegetables, Ninth Edition book. I was completely new to gardening, and wanted to develop a great garden that optimized the use of my land for maximum, healthy and fun food production. I asked Ian a number of questions, including w.r.t. a few impractical aspirations. Ian was great; he fielded them with ease and respect. As I probed more, such as citing the book and their ideology, Ian explained he was aware of the ideology and in fact learned from that school of thought at UC Santa Cruz during an apprenticeship program. I was impressed. He guided me according to the sunlight and Pacific NW climate regarding produce choices, and thoughtfully dissuaded me away from some of the more impractical plans. After getting his proposals and much appreciated gardening plan, we hired him to do the work and to guide us from time to time through intermittent visits - all totally worth it! Ian and his group PEG are a phenomenal local resource for edible gardening. I wholeheartedly recommend Ian both as a person and a gardening professional. My wife and I are now confident gardeners, and it is a joy to know we will share this experience and earth wisdom over the years with our children.’

- Arvin P.

'You've got to call Ian and Portland Edible Gardens if you grow vegetables and fruit! For the last five years, I've spent far more money and time and had far less produce that I do now, when Ian comes out at the start of the season to get me and my garden going. Ian gives mentorship sessions, or he can come by when you're at work and get those plants in the ground for you. I also ask Ian to come back throughout the summer to help with my succession plantings.

Ian built three large and lovely garden boxes for me last summer.  They're still in great shape this year and I expect they will be for years to come.  

Portland Edible Gardens gets five stars, easy.'

- Michelle V.

‘You don't need to look further to find anyone else more knowledgeable about growing anything than Ian.  Besides, he's so nice to work with and sincere!  His laminated sheets will be so helpful in years ahead with charts of when to plant what, how the seeds should be planted and what varieties we had selected together.  He even knows what crops will grow throughout our winter months.  Give Ian a call, he's super!’

Sue B.

'Ian has transformed our gardening experience.

He provided us with a Planting Plan. Which is fantastic! It tells us exactly when, where, what and how much to plant as well as when to harvest. I bring the laminated planting plan to the nursery when I buy the starts and seeds. I then use a dry erase marker to make notes on the plan after planting. I am constantly referring to the planting plan. I also show them to everyone who comes over! Everyone is very impressed with those plans (even our friends who are experienced, successful gardeners).

We also scheduled a Mentorship Visit for our first planting. He brought all the seeds and starts and worked along side us. He showed us how to follow our planting plan and then he taught us how to plant! Ian broke the whole experience down into very logical, easy to follow steps. By the time he left, we had the knowledge and understanding to develop and maintain our garden throughout the season.  

Ian has also been fantastic about answering questions as they come up. He advised us on setting up our water system and other issues such as pest control and plant selection.

Thanks to the services of Portland Edible Gardens we have a healthy backyard garden from which we have been harvesting every few days for the past several weeks.

I highly recommend Ian and Portland Edible Gardens.'

- Cynthia M.