We help in the selection, planting, and care of the fruit trees and berries that are right for you and your garden

Fruit Trees: Apple in Hand.jpg
Blueberry Bush

Plucking the first crimson strawberry from outside the kitchen window, raking dew kissed blueberries from the bush into the ready hand, harvesting late fall apples from a tree heavy with summer’s fruit:  These are the precious treasures of an edible garden. 

And our climate and gardens are ready to produce these miraculous fruits for us!  With a carefully selected plant, the proper maintenance, and a little patience, we can enjoy a wealth of fruits that are grown in our own gardens.  Portland Edible Gardens offers a unique service in the selection, installation, and specialized seasonal care of regionally adapted fruit trees and berries. We have extensive experience in the cultivation of fruits that will thrive in a Pacific Northwest home garden. 

Contact Us to learn about adding fruit trees and berries to your property, or getting help with the fruit you already have!