Portland Edible Gardens 2017 Spring Photo Journal


It has been quite a little while since I posted here on the PEG Bog, and it is high time for an update on the activities of Portland Edible Gardens!  Today's rain looks like it just might give way to a run of beautiful weather, so before we get back to it, I thought I would give an update about our recent activities!

Despite the unseasonably wet Winter and Spring that has been our lot here in the Pacific Northwest this year, Portland Edible Gardens has been forging ahead.  We have been busy bees building raised garden beds, planting Spring vegetables, and helping Portlanders get started growing their own organic food!  It turns out that you don't need sunny weather in the 70's to grow an abundance of roots and greens.  So without further ado, here is the PEG Spring Photo Journal!


Chicken Coop Project for Steviva Ingredients, Inc.

DH Strongheart, the visionary, pondering the chicken palace

Ready for insulation and siding

Nest boxes on the finished product

Step inside!

North Portland Corner Garden

First plantings in the ground!

Vancouver Showcase Garden

Spring Miscellany

Yeti the dog:  Much more lovable than helpful.

Planting seeds: 

A Spring vegetable garden coming into its prime

Another Spring planting with the employees at the Steviva Ingredients garden

Improvising in the rain with these unflappable vegetable gardeners!

Some extra tall Cedar raised garden beds for this SE Portland Residence

A victorious tomato planting!

Cherriette Radish: A classic.

Spring Bounty from a SW Portland Veggie Garden

Planting with Family is the best!

Thanks so much for staying up to date with Portland Edible Gardens!  And don't forget to set up an initial consultation ASAP if you want support in growing your own food this Summer!

Happy Growing!

- Ian Wilson

Owner and Founder, Portland Edible Gardens, LLC