We find inspiration and support in so many places!  And we don't have to look far...  Here are some links to local people, organizations, and business who we respect, appreciate, and wholeheartedly endorse.  Support your local economy and yourself by checking them out!


Organic Food, Gardening, and Farming:

Naomi's Organic Farm Supply - A great resource for all things farm and garden.  Amendments, fertilizers, compost, potting soils, animal feed, bedding, seeds, plant starts, tools, books and more!

Concentrates - The most complete source for amendments, composts, feeds, fertilizers, potting soils, and other products for organic farming and gardening.

Portland Nursery - A Portland institution when it comes to plants.  They have the widest selection of vegetable starts and seeds for all of your edible gardening needs as well as fruit trees and berries!  They also host a ton of FREE gardening classes.

Pomarius Nursery - An incredible nursery space in Northwest Portland worth a visit just to see!  A vast and eccentric collection of unique and beautifully curated plants for the home landscape. 

Tree and Ladder - "Holistic Backyard Fuit Care."  Amazing people and true experts in fruit tree care and cultivation.  They will even help you preserve your harvest!  We highly recommend their services.

Flying Coyote Farm - Great folks outside of Sandy offering a veggie CSA, goat milk herdshare program, free-range eggs, heritage chickens and more!  CSA drop-offs in Portland! 

47th Avenue Farm - One of Portland's oldest and most beloved CSA farms.  Very high quality produce year round!

Urban Gleaners - An inspiring and committed local non-profit dedicated to finding and distributing surplus food to people who need it the very most. 

Zenger Farm - A great non-profit farm dedicated to education, and advocating for small farms and farmers everywhere.  Also offering summer CSA shares.

Independence Gardens - Another great local business offering support in your edible garden.

Barbara Simon Landscape Design - An imaginative and creative landscape designer who can transform your space in magical ways.  Check out her portfolio!

Rejuvenation Artisans Landscapes - Dear people and experienced landscapers who "delight in the natural world, and the invention of extraordinary adventure."


Other Great Local Businesses:

Ground PDX - Therapy Rooted In Nature   Mitch Bacon, M.A, M.F.T., offers therapy for individuals, couples, and families in a natural setting, facilitating sessions in his Woodstock Neighborhood Yurt.  Mitch is a thoughtful, sensitive communicator and offers opportunities for insight and personal transformation in the work that he does.

Paper Jam Press - High quality local printing for business cards, original artwork and more.  Very kind people, great at what they do.

Rosemary Stafford Floral Design - "Botanical innovation for all four hemispheres."  A very talented and creative local florist. Weddings, events, you name it.

Lee Ritter Web Design - Awesome independent and talented wed developer.  A super duper guy too.

Elena Cronin Design - Professional and beautiful graphic design.  Shes an amazing illustrator too!!

Make It Good - Radical Portland-based hand made clothing company.  Because we all need a pair of solar system underwear!  Check them out.

East Side Woodworks - Custom cabinetry, furniture, and wood products from a very skilled woodshop/woodworker in Southeast Portland

Mr. Plywood - Our go-to source for the cedar we use to build our raised garden beds!  They have an incredible inventory of building materials and lumber for any of your home improvement projects at great prices.

Vela Wellness - Allison Machen practices Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, and is a trained doula providing a variety of professional supports through pregnancy.

WellPDX - WellPDX is an innovative directory of alternative healthcare providers for the Portland area.  Search the site for Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists. See personal profiles for every wellness provider on the directory!

Our Favorite Seed Companies!:

Johnny's Seeds: An outstanding seed company.  Unparalleled when it comes to selection and variety.  Good selection of both organic and conventionally grown seeds.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: A unique seed company carrying an extensive selection of exclusively heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable varieties.  And their seed catalog is the prettiest of them all...

Territorial Seed Company:  Oregon's own seed company, based in Cottage Grove.   Regionally adapted seeds and a wide selection. 

High Mowing Organic Seeds:  Best collection of exclusively Organic certified seeds.

Seed Savers Exchange: A unique seed company/non-profit organization.  Sources seeds from home gardeners and small farmers from 40 different companies.  An excellent resource for unusual and heirloom seeds.

Adaptive Seeds:  A small Pacific Northwest seed company dedicated to regionally adapted, organic, open-pollinated vegetable varieties.  An extremely sustainable, conscientious, and progressive seed company!

Uprising Seeds: A Washington based seed company that grows 100%  certified Organic and open-pollinated seeds!